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Here we are. The year is quickly winding down and I still haven‘t done 90%* of my holiday shopping. I should hop on that soon, don’t you think? But there’s more to consider other than enforced spending. Britney Spears turning 30. Herman Cain bowing out of the presidential race. My cold hands. I’m telling you, it’s difficult to focus on one thing. When you add that 2012 is less than a month away…well, systems start (more…)

For all our visions of sophistication we teeter perilously close to the edge of idiocy. We think we’re brimming with “Wow!” when in fact we’re teeming with “Doh!” Everyone from a graceful dancer to a sizzling musician to a persuasive politician constantly straddles the doofus line. We may try to hide this truth, but it is always ready to slap us down.

Last night we went to dinner at friend’s house. It was a feast of feasts, a cornucopia of culinary creations, an alliterative affair of preposterous (more…)