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So my sister, thinking she is the funny sort, posted a link on Zuckerface to a slideshow on the AARP website titled “16 Songs Everyone Over 50 Must Own.” Not sure why she sent it to me. Doesn’t she remember I figured out how to stop the aging process? You would think that kind of information would stick in a person’s mind, the proclamation, “I have discovered the secret which will allow people to stay their current age forever, never to grow old or infirmed.” But apparently (more…)


Smart phones. Just the name tells us we’re dealing with something designed to dispel any antiquated notions we may have about telephones and their original purpose. Had we been told 20 years ago that such a lightweight, rectangular chunk of technology could do the things smart phones routinely do many of us would have scoffed, imagining a Jetsons-like future which (more…)

It is no surprise we seem to be fast reaching the end of meaningful discourse and debate in the United States, at least during the political campaign season. Any shred of dignity which those running for office may try to cling to (or at least the illusion of such) is constantly torpedoed by people who seem to believe forthright discussion about real solutions is not the answer. What counts is total humiliation (more…)

Cosmopolitan magazine recently published an online article asserting “tons of studies” have proven women are better than men at some things, specifically 12 things. Whether the 12 studies they referenced actually constitute “tons” is question for another time, one involving basic math skills. I suppose it doesn’t much matter seeing how math skills were not on their list. What is concerning is Cosmo has apparently taken the perspective that equality is no longer the issue, no longer “the cause”. What was once a noble quest has now become a full-fledged campaign to (more…)

I took this photo several years ago. While some details have changed (the abandoned diner is no longer there, for one) the underlying reality of what this illustrates remains sadly the same. You still see the disenfranchised, disposed and dispirited milling about as you drive through this section of (more…)

Today Junior Seau died. He was an ex-football star who had a distinguished 20 year career in the National Football League. Most likely he will eventually – and rightfully – get inducted into that sport’s Hall of Fame. Preliminary indications are he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was 43.

Ever since Twitter burst into the collective consciousness people have used it as a vehicle to express public condolences when someone of note passes away. Today was no exception. Apparently the Twitterverse was bursting with (more…)

You know what’s happened, don’t you? We snatched the exclusive world of superlatives, recklessly threw it into the combustible core of the web, and watched it blow apart in a way that would have made Robert Oppenheimer proud.

As willing participants in this weird alternate universe called the Blogosphere you can’t help but notice the epidemic of exceptional praise for unexceptional performance. (To be fair it extends far beyond our little bloggy neighborhoods.) This misuse of language reaches its nasty tentacles everywhere, much like a cockroach intrusion. You only need to see one to know thousands of similar vermin (more…)

Welcome to your American Experience, child. It holds great promise. Enjoy yourself, but know that your life comes with my expectations. Embrace the freedom to do what you want. However, above all else remember your ultimate purpose – to (more…)

On Saturday I watched Bruce Springsteen’s March 15th keynote address from the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival in Austin, Texas. He said a lot, but one thing in particular intrigued me.

“We live in a post-authentic world. Today, authenticity is a house of mirrors. It’s all just what you’re bringing when the lights go down.”

Contextually he was speaking about music, but the descriptor “post-authentic world” is reflective of a broader societal shift. Nowadays it is far more difficult to separate real from fake, sheen from substance. It takes work. Reality is constantly being distorted and thanks to (more…)

Invoking petty technicalities has always been an integral weapon in the political arsenal. These shifty maneuverings, while not illegal, highlight one of the major problems in our government. Delaying decisions, reversing policy or doing any of the self-serving bullshit many of our elected officials do by invoking (more…)