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Most of us don’t remember our first toy, couldn’t tell you what it was. Most of us have completely forgotten almost all of the toys we had as kids, save the few which stick in our head for whatever reason. But place a long-forgotten, much-beloved toy in our hands and the rush of memories will (more…)

It’s interesting I immediately equate this topic to women. The idea of a “common thread”, at least in the context of this project, implies it is universal to most, if not all, people. However, when it comes to sexual modesty the consideration men might display this characteristic as often as women simply did not occur to me. Perhaps I’ve watched too many sporting events where men have absolutely no hesitation painting (more…)

Displeasure with personal appearance is certainly not a recent phenomenon, although at the rate we’re consuming every edible consumable within reach it’s easy to think it is. Throughout history all cultures have latched onto various forms of trickery and illusion to enhance the attractiveness of the human body which, let’s be honest, is needed by (more…)

When I first shuttled off to college handshakes suddenly turned into complicated rituals which, executed properly, might allow entry into the Club of Cool. College prep courses did nothing to prep me for this. Up to that point a handshake was straightforward. It was only initiated by adult men, men who held real jobs, jobs which never involved (more…)

It’s fascinating how complicated crying really is. You see tears filling someone’s eyes or streaming down their face and your natural conclusion is they are sad or upset. Being compassionate you want to do the right thing. You console or give them whatever privacy they need. But your assumption about (more…)

Over on Flickr I belong to a group called The Common Threads Project. The project identified 78 universal human behaviors and traits which “bridge the divides of gender, race, creed, culture and class.” Group members are encouraged to post photographs illustrating these traits and tagging them as appropriate. It’s a nifty idea which embodies our commonalities in an effective and occasionally powerful way.

That being said I am not here to post photos, at least not under that oversized umbrella. This isn’t about photography. I’ll leave that to the Flickr group. Instead (more…)