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we watch

Posted: August 27, 2020 in Observations and Commentary
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We watch the world like it is a video game, full of carnage and mayhem, but never tactile or real. We watch chaos erupt in metropolises, cities, and towns. We watch protectors turn aggressor. We watch frustration turn to anger and anger turn to rage and rage turn to destruction. We watch military grade weapons filter into the hands of the unprepared and unstable. We watch youthful fervor morph into (more…)

jackass parade

Posted: August 20, 2016 in Humorous Bits
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We join the monthly Jackass Parade already in progress with our commentators Leslie and Bill.

Leslie:  Remember how he served his wife divorce papers when she was in the hospital fighting cancer? That was some memorable jackassery!

Bill:  Hold that thought, Leslie. Here comes Ryan Lochte. I think he’s bleached his hair even lighter. Listen to those jeers and boos. The crowd is (more…)

The revival of the national gun debate has re-energized failed graphic designers throughout cyberspace. Just when you thought the Presidential election had sapped all their energy these folks have rebounded from November’s muck to grace our monitors and tablets with their amazing PowerPointy/Photoshoppy dexterity! Being nimble of finger and savvy of Google these modern day Rembrandts-cum-Jeffersons have (more…)

The GOP’s base has been energized by the inclusion of Paul Ryan to the ticket as Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential candidate. The renewed sense of purpose among some Republicans is palatable. They are of the belief that Ryan is the serum to what ails the Romney campaign and, more importantly, the country. Finally, the right person is on the national ticket, the one who represents what the party is really about, the one who will help (more…)

It’s a fun and busy time for the hard-pedaling news cyclists, filled with stories of great interest and import. Here’s a smattering of recent goodies which set the nation’s gums flapping.

Wendy’s Unveils “Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy Burger”
The first Wendy’s opened in 1969. Now in 2011 they have come to the realization that “hot and juicy” is how we peoples loves our burgers. One must applaud Wendy’s (Applause!) for their blunt honesty, admitting they didn’t know something backyard grill-meisters have known since the advent of controlled outdoor cooking and mankind has known since taking its first bite of cooked meat. Wendy’s, bless their adorable naivety, basically said, (more…)

A 42 year-old woman in the Netherlands was recently arrested for stalking her 62 year-old ex-boyfriend. The charge alleges she phoned him 65,000 times over the course of a year. This figure was determined after police seized her cell phone and computer and their techies performed whatever voodoo they do to extract this type of information. When confronted with this total she claimed 65,000 calls were not excessive. Interestingly enough, the man claimed (more…)

the 4/10

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Observations and Commentary
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Starting today Utah eliminated its experimental 4/10 (days/hours) work schedule for state employees. Utah was the first (and so far only) state to try this and found, surprisingly enough, shutting down most state services on Fridays did not sit well with their citizens. Implementing the 4/10 in such a way that would’ve allowed important services to remain open Monday through Friday might have been (more…)

The earthquake hit a little before 2:00 p.m. I was prepping for a work meeting and messing with Excel. (Do you know the best way to mess with Excel? Whenever you speak to it, call it Lotus 1-2-3!  Buddum bump!) Suddenly, my desk glided back and forth like a marble released into a curved bowl. As if that wasn’t enough the ground did what can only be described as Mother Nature’s version of (more…)

Today the web was abuzz with a story oozing with irony. Last Saturday Titanic II set out on its maiden voyage from Dorset, England. Its course was not as ambitious as the one charted in 1912 for its famous namesake. Titanic II didn’t first head to Ireland before hitting the North Atlantic where it would sail south of Greenland, down past Nova Scotia and gloriously into New York Harbor. It wasn’t even going on the ocean. It was simply dipping a toe into Lyme Bay for a spot of fishing.

Apparently a chap named Mark Wilkinson recently bought a used 16 foot cabin cruiser which he (more…)