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It’s been a while since we dipped into the film archive, so the time has come to rectify that. For the complete list of reviews pop over to the Shorts page. Places everyone! And…Action!

One for the Money (2012) – After years of anticipation Janet Evanovich’s bounty hunter comes to the big screen and is not a plum worth picking. (2) – 5/23/12

Happy Feet (2006) – Box office animated smash left me (more…)

Mercy me, the time has come to roll out the next 10 “Shorts” film reviews. What this deal is all about, including all reviewed films, can be found on the Shorts page. Have fun disagreeing! 

Meet the Parents (2000) – Further proof you can wring all the good comedy out of a premise in one movie. (3½) – 4/3/12

Cops and Robbers (1973) – I love Donald Westlake’s books, but (more…)

First 2012 entry of quick and dirty movie reviews cleverly called “Shorts”. Each review is limited to one sentence not exceeding twenty words. For the complete list of movies reviewed to date please refer to the Shorts page. And away we go!

Dick (1999) – Overlooked and sublime comic gem about two teenage girls, Richard Nixon and Watergate. (3½) – 1/18/12

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) – Riveting, dark and (more…)