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Mercy me, the time has come to roll out the next 10 “Shorts” film reviews. What this deal is all about, including all reviewed films, can be found on the Shorts page. Have fun disagreeing! 

Meet the Parents (2000) – Further proof you can wring all the good comedy out of a premise in one movie. (3½) – 4/3/12

Cops and Robbers (1973) – I love Donald Westlake’s books, but (more…)

I joined Facebook in 2008. Like most neophytes I found it pretty alluring. Reconnect with long lost friends! Play free games! Announce my “status” to the world! Discover which superhero I was just by answering a few questions! It was intoxicating, especially to a social media virgin. (Full disclosure: I briefly boarded the clunky My Space train years earlier, but quickly hopped off at the first exit. Who is Tom and why is he already my friend?)

As the newness luster dulled and the rose tint faded from my eyes it became clear (more…)

It’s a fun and busy time for the hard-pedaling news cyclists, filled with stories of great interest and import. Here’s a smattering of recent goodies which set the nation’s gums flapping.

Wendy’s Unveils “Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy Burger”
The first Wendy’s opened in 1969. Now in 2011 they have come to the realization that “hot and juicy” is how we peoples loves our burgers. One must applaud Wendy’s (Applause!) for their blunt honesty, admitting they didn’t know something backyard grill-meisters have known since the advent of controlled outdoor cooking and mankind has known since taking its first bite of cooked meat. Wendy’s, bless their adorable naivety, basically said, (more…)