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Pulp Fiction is on in the background which almost makes it impossible to concentrate on what I’m doing. It’s a movie which elicits extreme reactions. I’ve met very few people who responded tepidly to it. It’s love or hate, man. No middle ground. Me, I’m firmly in the “masterpiece” camp. So be it.

Right now Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace are twisting at Jack Rabbit Slim’s. My foot is tapping and my eyes dart back and forth between the screen and the monitor. That John Travolta, man he can certainly dance. He makes me look like a (more…)


First off I want to clear something up for all you good folk down there who, bless your hearts, say you see me at the department store every other week. It doesn’t seem to happen as much as it used to, but from what I hear it still happens. I sure appreciate that y’all wish I was around to sing songs for you. I know I would be thrilled if I could, but I can’t. It pains me to repay such kindness by (more…)

I was humbled when approached to pen a small entry for the Trask Avenue publication and I engage in this honor with an open heart. Those of us in the world peace/free my people business enthusiastically welcome any opportunity to get the word out. I am told Trask Avenue is a blog. I not familiar with this concept, but I understand it bears great similarity to (more…)

It’s really too late to write a post. It’s Sunday night. The sun set hours ago and the air has turned decidedly cooler. My eyelids feel the delicious pull of gravity. The weight of the busy weekend sits heavy on my shoulders and I’m yawning almost as much as Michelle Bachmann at a Mensa meeting. The difference is I know why I’m yawning. Potential topics to write about skip through my brain, but they hold as much appeal as seeing Carrot Top in concert. It’s quickly becoming clear I’d stand a far better chance of (more…)

no room at the inn

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Tonight my head feels like it cannot hold one more thought. Literally. If a single idea somehow managed to force its way in excess words would start shooting out of my ears like steam from an overheated radiator. My brain is filled with such a ridiculous amount of trivial gibberish, along with the occasional fully formed concept to spice things up, that I’ve run out of storage space. At least it feels that way.

I glaze over news stories with Teflon efficiency. I watch television shows requiring absolutely no effort, just the ability to react with a primal laugh when (more…)

Ed. Note: Recently a large collection of mysterious artifacts was discovered in the attic of Trask Avenue. Periodically we will share what we find. This first entry is a letter from John Ringling (of Ringling Brothers Circus) to a young Harry Houdini regarding Houdini’s audition for the circus in 1893.

My dear Mr. Houdini,

During our recent stop to Coney Island you auditioned for my brothers Otto and Charles. They spoke of your desire to join our traveling circus. You performed for them an exhibition involving an assortment of escape techniques. Otto was especially keen on your exploits. He was mesmerized with your ability to slip out of handcuffs as if they were (more…)

little verse

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I write this little poem
to kill a little time
with little inspiration
I make a little rhyme