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Most of us don’t remember our first toy, couldn’t tell you what it was. Most of us have completely forgotten almost all of the toys we had as kids, save the few which stick in our head for whatever reason. But place a long-forgotten, much-beloved toy in our hands and the rush of memories will (more…)

You have a germ of an idea, a germlet really, and start writing. Suddenly it’s as if the all the powers of the universe converged on you and you alone. Inspiration is swift and relentless. You begin to type furiously. Words come from you like 1,000 arrows from 1,000 bows. Oh, you can feel (more…)

I have this idea for a gut-splitting hilarious post which will surely be the highlight of your life. I fully intended on banging it out this morning as to give you a nice weekend boost. However, it looks like I’m going to pass on it which is unfortunate for you. And since the subject is highly time-sensitive, that particular brilliant (more…)

Some things aren’t appreciated until seen in a photograph. Like a lot of life they are part of the scenery, on the periphery as we focus on whatever happens to be dominating our thoughts. I’m sure we’d notice a double rainbow or a three-legged cow, even as we concentrated on (more…)

I love seeing people just being themselves, going about their business, living their lives. Trying to capture those moments, especially with folks I don’t know, is one of my favorite photographic pastimes. Every now and then I’ll catch a person in such a way that (more…)

I know you’re wondering who I am. You’re saying to yourself, “Who is Joe Mulligan and why should I read what he has to say?” Let me turn your brain light on, chief. I’m the guy you kept honking at this morning just because I switched lanes in front of you. Don’t blame me. If you were paying any attention at all you would blame the (more…)

Displeasure with personal appearance is certainly not a recent phenomenon, although at the rate we’re consuming every edible consumable within reach it’s easy to think it is. Throughout history all cultures have latched onto various forms of trickery and illusion to enhance the attractiveness of the human body which, let’s be honest, is needed by (more…)

…if computer programmers descended from Mayans bothered with any date beyond 2012 during the whole Y2K mash-up.
…where all the weight people lose goes. Does it linger in the air waiting to latch onto someone else?
…why they call cities in New Jersey and a county in New York “Orange” when they obviously don’t grow oranges.
…if I continue to drink this much tea will I (more…)

When I first shuttled off to college handshakes suddenly turned into complicated rituals which, executed properly, might allow entry into the Club of Cool. College prep courses did nothing to prep me for this. Up to that point a handshake was straightforward. It was only initiated by adult men, men who held real jobs, jobs which never involved (more…)

After graduating high school in 1986 Ferris spent one unremarkable semester at New York University. He quickly realized college involved too much work without any guarantee of payback. He returned to Chicagoland and charmed family, friends and casual acquaintances into bankrolling (more…)